Welcome to CT DUO, the machine tending solution for Universal Robots

Add value to your business with CT DUO and Universal Robots. The investment is typically returned within less than 9 months!


CT DUO is a machine tending solution for Universal Robots that turns your CNC machine into a flexible, efficient and automated production cell. Besides relieving your machine operators from repetitive work, your employees will be available for more valuable tasks and your CNC machines will be able to run more hours.

Key features

• Unique design with dual patterns which means that
CT DUO is always ready to tend your machine.

• Designed for mobility and with a small compact footprint. 

• Built from thick powder coated steel and
extruded aluminum. 

• Delivered with a URCap and an example program for machine tending. 

• Available in two sizes, one for UR5e-robots and one for UR10e-robots

Dual patterns for non-stop machine tending
External emergency stop
Pushbuttons make the application easily controlled
Ergonomically correct placement of the Teach pendant
Protected placementof the Control box
Designed for mobility and with a small compact footprint

Available in two sizes


CT DUO 5 is optimized for the UR5e-robot and is an excellent choice for most machine tending. It can be placed close to your equipment and will tend your machine for many unmanned hours.


The larger CT DUO 10 will take advantage of the UR10e’s longer reach and the surface area for parts is about 70% larger compared to the CT DUO 5. 

More than 50,000 collaborative robots has been sold from Universal Robots and makes together with CT DUO an excellent choice for machine tending


A PLUS-series of accessories are available for CT DUO as described below. Utilizing the PLUS-products below will make it easier to build your application and have your automation up and running faster. 

PLUS-01 and PLUS-02

The PLUS-01 and PLUS-02 shelves are attached to either side of CT DUO and can be placed in different locations along the side. They have a pattern of M6-threaded holes with cc 50mm for easy attachment of additional equipment such as re-grip stations, measuring devices, cleaning equipment etc. The area of PLUS-01 measures 200x300mm and the larger PLUS-02 measures 300x450mm.


This accessory provides an extra surface located 350mm above CT DUO. The surface measures 180x230mm and has
a pattern of M6-threaded holes with cc 50mm for easy
attachment of additional equipment. There is a 25mm hole in
the center for wires, pneumatic tubes etc. Excellent option for
a re-grip station!


Finished parts from your machine can be placed in the pattern, same location as picked from. The operator can then easily inspect the finished parts when loading new blanks. Two good accessories are available though for placing finished parts outside CT DUO. PLUS-04 is attached to the left or right side of CT DUO and finished parts can then simply slide into a pallet or similar.


If finished parts should be placed into a plastic Euro container (KLT box) or similar, PLUS-05 is a good option. Designed for a maximum Euro container sized 400x300mm. The container is easily changed when full.


The L-shaped accessory PLUS-06 is bolted to the shop floor and when CT DUO is relocated, it is simply positioned in contact with the tabs of PLUS-06. Several PLUS-06 units can be mounted next to different machines and CT DUO can easily be relocated between these.


This is our most accurate positioning system for CT DUO. It consists of two parts. One part is bolted to the shop floor and the other is bolted to CT DUO. There are matching conical surfaces between the two parts and CT DUO is consequently perfectly guided by the conical surfaces into the correct position.




CT DUO is a product from Cobotech. To get more information or to buy CT DUO, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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